Frequently Asked Questions

There is no registration required on Click the Connect button, follow the connection instrustions and start mining. Your miner will automatically show up within 5-10 minutes provided your miner submits valid shares.

Just enter your address in the "search wallet" field on the top right of the pool and click "Go". You will be redirected to your miner stats page.

It takes up to 5-10 minutes for a new miner to appear. If you just started mining, please check back later. If you mined for more than 10 minutes and your miner does not show then please ensure your miner configuration is correct. If you still see no data please contact us using the Support menu.

Not at the moment but this feature will be available soon. uses PPLNT as the payout method, therefore you get paid each time the pool finds a block. If your balance in unchanged for a while, do not worry. As soon the pool finds a block your balance will get updated.

It depends on your miner's hash rate and on the payout limit. Once your Confirmed Rewards reach the payout limit, your payment will get processed.

Mining is an intense process. Major factors that affect your profit are miner hash rate, network hash rate, mining difficulty and pool luck.

"Unconfirmed Reward" is your reward that is awaiting for network confirmation. Once your reward gets 100 confirmations, it will be moved to your "Confirmed Reward" automatically.